Good health is good business : Paul Dreschler Chairman Bibby Line Group

Research suggests that 1 in 4 Adults will experience a common mental health problem in their life time, 1 in 10 children have a mental health condition and 50% of employees have been reported to be affected by poor mental health however most do not share this with employers (Mind Mental Health Charity 2018). Work based stress cost the economy 3.6 billion last year and 12.5 million work days were lost.

Rapha therapy services training and therapy packages provide a solution to your problem and sleepless nights by providing your workforce with evidence-based skills to be more productive, resilient, efficient and engaged employees. Consequently, reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and leavism which increases your organisations turnover and increases staff retention rate as their needs are being addressed.

We work with a range of businesses and organisations including large multi-nationals, Solicitors, the Police Force, the NHS ,churches, Schools,  Universities, Accountants and Professional Services.



Our services include:


  • Revive, Restore and Refocus : Mental Health Awareness training
  • Emotional Wellbeing training and signature workshops : Rivers to Resilience, Mindful Moments, Secrets to Self Confidence and Success, Stress Busters for Success, Transformational goal setting for supercharged success and Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Senior Leaders
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 
  • Coaching
  • Counselling

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